Índice de álbuns
An old raincoat won't ever let you down  
Gasoline Alley  
Every picture tells a story  
Never a dull moment  
Coast to coast: Overture and beginners  
Atlantic crossing  
A night on the town  
Foot loose & fancy free  
Blondes have more fun  
Foolish behaviour  
Tonight I'm yours  
Absolutely live  
Body wishes  
Every beat of my heart  
Out of order  
Vagabond heart  
Unplugged...and seated  
A spanner in the works  
When we were the new boys  
The great American songbook  
The great American songbook Vol.II  
The great American songbook Vol.III  
The great American songbook Vol.IV  
Still the same...  
The great American songbook Vol.V  
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